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How to Replace a Push Button Switch on an Over Range Hood

Many over-the-range hoods provide light to the cooking surface but also have a fan to exhaust system. Usually there is a button for each function. Replacing a switch on a range hood can be accomplished in about 30 minutes even by a novice.
1. Locate and shut off the circuit breaker that provides electricity to the range hood.
2. Pry around the edges of the old switch until it can be removed. Pull out the switch with the wires still attached.
3. Study the switch and make note of where the wires are attached. There should be three wires. One wire is a ground, one is the neutral and the third is the hot wire.
4. Disconnect the wires from the old switch using a screwdriver.
5. Install the wires onto the new switch in the same location as they were on the old one. The new switch should look just like the old one.
6. Press the switch into the hole on the range hood where the old one was removed. The switch should just snap into place. Turn on the circuit breaker.

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